The Benefits of Hiring A Local Maui Wedding Photographer

If you are getting married in Maui, let us start by saying congratulations!  Maui is one of the most sought after wedding destinations in the world, so being able to travel there and enjoy one of the biggest days of your life is truly a blessing.

The only downside (if there even is one) when planning a wedding at a remote location like Maui, is the planning process.  Finding and hiring the right vendors for your wedding is a challenging job in it’s own, but when trying to do this hundreds of miles away, it’s even harder.

While there are many important vendors for your wedding, the most important is your wedding photographer.  When it’s all said and done, the only thing you will have to remember your magical day is your wedding photos.  It’s no secret that the wedding photography industry has grown immensely, and with all the new photographers popping up, it’s harder and harder to find the right one.

It’s even harder when you are trying to find a wedding photographer so far away.  A lot of times people will hire a local photographer near them that is willing to travel, but that’s usually not the best idea.

Here’s why it’s more beneficial to hire a local wedding photographer in Maui

1.  Cost Effective – Hiring a local photographer is going to save you a lot money in that department.  Most photographers that are willing to travel will either charge extra to cover the flight, hotel and car expense, or they will just have you pay for it.  Either way, flights, hotels, and rent a cars on Maui can be extremely expensive and can add thousands to your cost.

2.  Better Locations – No matter where your venue is on Maui, you are close to a beautiful landscape location to take pictures.  With so many remote areas on the island to take your wedding pictures, only a local will know where to go that’s going to fit in  your schedule.

Having a mainland photographer to do your Maui wedding photography is going to limit types of pictures you can take.  They just won’t have enough experience with the different locations and landscape Maui has to offer.

3.  Local Experience – Maui is a very different environment, especially when it comes to photography.  The sun is constant, and the rain is seldom.  With a mix of the sun and the ocean water, the lighting for photography is very different from states on the mainland.

Having a photographer that does not have a lot of experience shooting weddings in a location like Maui can effect the quality of your wedding pictures.  You need to have a local photographer that has experience with this type of landscape and lighting to ensure the quality of your wedding photos.

One other thing I recommend doing is making a list of at least 3 photographers on Maui and then scheduling interviews with each one.  Because wedding photography is such a big industry in Maui, most photographers are booked pretty far in advance.  So you may not always get your first choice.

Once you set up your interviews, make sure you like the photographers personality and demeanor.  This person is going to be with you from the beginning of your day till the end, so you don’t want someone that you don’t get along with.

At the end of the day, just make sure you feel comfortable with the photographer you choose and confident in their ability to deliver type of photos you want.

Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right photographer to capture your big day can be a daunting task. Several factors must be considered before you make the big decision like pricing and style. You have to consider if you prefer traditional wedding photos or something a bit more unconventional, what are the added benefits that a professional wedding photographer will give for the cost? These are just a couple of questions you would have to ask yourself to figure out the best fit for you. Here we will discuss some of the trending photographer options for weddings.

Crowd-sourced/Selfie Trends

Many couples are now resorting to their own resources when it comes to wedding photography. There are a few apps out there that act as a sharing platform, which allows your wedding guests to take photos with their mobile devices and upload them online. This is a particularly money-saving option as most of the apps are free. Although, you would either have to hire an editor to touch up the photos taken by your family and friends or do the editing yourself. You will also have pay for prints if you choose to. Just make sure your guests are the photo-taking types. Otherwise, you might end up with no photographs or memories to show for the night.

Semi-professional Photographers

You might know or have a relative or friend who dabbles in some type of photography. Maybe they have done weddings before, or maybe they have just been to a lot of weddings. There are a lot of talented people who do photography as a hobby. If you choose to go semi-pro, you’ll probably end up paying a little less than usual. Just make sure that you hire someone that you trust, and never hire someone before seeing his previous work. You might also want to do a trial run with engagement photos before you hire the semi-pro for the big day. It’s better to be sure than sorry.

Professional Photographers

Going pro will be your safest bet when hiring a photographer for your wedding day. Most professionals come with some sort of guarantee and provide you with tons of extras for the price you pay. Pricing for professional photographers vary tremendously, and you would have to do your research to find the right one for you. Take reviews and recommendations seriously, as they will be a good reflection of performance. Compare different photographers and what they offer. Most wedding photographers are really good at what they do but each one has his own unique touch.

Your wedding photographs should really reflect you as a couple. Choose the right people to capture your big day. As they say, flowers and candles will go before the night ends, but your wedding photographs will last you a lifetime!